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FICA Documents
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FICA Documents
FICA Documents
Upload your FICA documents here
You can upload your FICA documents by clicking the button below. Once you clicked the button a new window will open from where you can then select the relevant FICA documents to upload.

After you have uploaded the documents it can take up to 7 working days before your FICA status will be updated on our system. Please note that should we find the files you have uploaded to not be satisfactory, we will require you furnish us with better quality versions of the files.

For any FICA-related queries, contact the FICA Helpline on or email
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Some of the information you have entered is incorrect or incomplete. Review and correct to continue.
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Manage your details
View or modify your details with the bank.
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Card management
View and manage your plastic cards
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Manage users
Add and manage operators for this portfolio.
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Manage devices
Link, delink and manage devices linked to the Absa app
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Absa Online notifications
View and manage your Absa Online notifications.
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Link/Unlink accounts
Link or Unlink accounts from your portfolio.
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Manage Absa Online services
View your current registration information and costs or Change your billing account and Absa Online limits.
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Manage eStatements
Manage your eStatements
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Add and manage the NotifyMe recipients linked to this portfolio.
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Tax certificate
View a Tax certificate for a given year.
Investments at other institutions | These values are captured by you and not validated or updated by Absa.